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Understanding what Human Resource Managers are looking for on a resume is very complex. Having been in the executive search/headhunter industry for 25 years and talking to 1000's of hiring authorities...I understand their needs, their requirements, and their hiring practices. Placement of your experience, background, industry, employment dates, and education on the resume is important, but understanding the mindset of the hiring authorizes and how they process that information is what makes my resume service different. I work with each client, one on one, to learn their strong points and gather the proper information from their work background.

Our Clients are Number One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For over 25 years I have been writing and creating resumes that will get you interviews. My clients range from Presidents to Sr. Vice Presidents, Teachers to Oil & Gas personal, Software/Hardware Technicians to Office Managers, ETC...What ever your profession……what ever your industry my mission is to get you the interview!!!!

Ethics before all else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Resumes2Resumes is all about specialization and ethics. I not only create your resume, I also do your cover letter and coach you for that all important interview. If you need help in any phase of finding a job, I am here to help…..from helping you understand Job Boards to Finding Recruiters in your industry. I am here for you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Resumes2Resumes.com mission:

Assist job seekers with the resume process combining our experience and knowledge with their background that will lead to interviews with their industry leaders."

THIS is our pledge to you 100% “GUAR-AN-TEE” period

We guarantee you at least one interview in 30 days of sending out your new resume.

If you do not get an interview we will STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCT

We will reevaluate, recreate and rewrite your resume. We will start over with our evaluation of your resume, your job search and take heed to your thoughts.

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